Flying Car

The Flying Car

When your on the flying car you feel like your going to drift and fly away.The air is so soft and very smooth as you drift along the road.It is a very good and smooth ride.It is a very good way of good transportation.The flying car has 4 parts: wheels,wings,tip,and a fin.The flying car is a car with wings and a supper sharp tip at the front. It can fly very fast. Everybody should use the Flying car because it's very fast. It has supper rocket busters too. It can also go underground very fast too.Or it could just stay on land. The flying car also uses carbon dioxide and pumps out oxygen. It saves lots of energy.Tony was the inventer of the flying car.He got bored of normal cars so he invented a flying car. In 2009 he invented a flying car. The flying car started to get very popular and useful almost everyone had one.Tony was born on August 27 2002 in Canada,Ontario,Toronto.And he is very smart.He is very famous right now.Inside the car there is lots of things: there's a swimming pool,A kitchen,some toys,robots and a robot driver that never makes mistakes while driving for the flying car.It is a very cool car.And a very good one too.very fast one!